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    W. Sam Donnell
    April 12, 2024

    Went here for a company gathering. It was fun, but the place was dark and kinda dumpy. The staff showed us how to run the projector for the axe throwing, then left us and turned on really loud pop/edm/trance music in a random language. They then just left the building for most of the time. The projectors were really dim and hard to read any of the smaller text, they were controlled with a laptop keyboard that was missing keys. Most of the axes were covered in tape that was falling off. The boards were ok. The bathroom was dirty, and they had no way of drying your hands. Overall we had a good time, but hard not too when chucking axes. Would recommend looking for a different venue.

    Reverend S. Dot
    April 23, 2024

    We did the rage room. It was expensive for what you get. I had more rage about how much it cost for what we got. Place is kind of ran down and a little dirty. Jump suits and gloves were nasty. And head gear was sketchy. It's cool to break some stuff, but they don't put a lot in the room to break. We went once, will not repeat.

    Antoinette Gentry
    May 26, 2024

    I rented a rage room for my sister's birthday, so we went as a party of three. We didn't do the axe throwing, I'm thinking maybe that would've been better. As for the rage room, I booked 30 mins as a rookie because we were all new to this. For $70 each, we got bottles, light bulbs, and 1 TV each to smash. 30 mins is definitely more than enough time to smash up those items. There was a bug in the room we were in, and the safety gear is not well maintained. The gloves we wore were the best we could choose, considering all of them were peeling. The jumpsuits were not laundered, had holes and tears in them, and barely had enough buttons to close. The helmets were not all functional because the plastic part was either scratched up, falling out of place, or the screw to adjust the fit was not working. The place was pretty and had a cool look/layout, but that was not enough. There was no "experience," which was what I expected for 70 a person. I will not do this again, and I don't recommend it.

    Kalyn Engel
    June 17, 2024

    There was no AC. Super loud with the rage room near by. No drinks were offered or recommend. The teaching on how to throw axes was barely covered. Ive been to way better facilities and wont be coming here again unless improvements are made.

    Victoria Snowden
    May 18, 2024

    I booked a rage room for my bf and I at the "Warrior Mode" package--$90 PER PERSON, and supposedly getting 15 Small Items, 3 Medium Items, and 1 Large Item. We had 20 beer bottles, a small monitor, and a medium tv. There were 3 tires stacked in a corner and with how heavy the sledgehammers were, I couldn't hit them well, and there wasn't really anything to do with them. There was no liability waiver to sign like the website says, the protective gear was dusty, ripped, smelled like sweat, and probably hadn't been replaced ever. I went through with it bc I paid so much, but for what I was told I was getting and what I paid, I'm incredibly disappointed in what we actually got out of it. I paid over $200 for a 30 minute "experience" that I feel was worth $50, at best. As someone else mentioned, the two men running the place were just hanging out in the parking lot when we finished and there was no one staffing the place.

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